The Science of Skincare and Its Connection to Mind, Body and Spirit | Therapy Unfiltered Podcast

By Carolyn Cyprian (Formally Carolyn Paten-Hall) | Expert Esthetician  & Founder of Skin Salvation. Book Today ⟶

Our very own Founder, Carolyn, was featured on the Therapy Unfiltered Podcast with Petey and Sarah. Listen to how Carolyn lives up to her promise of “Healing that starts with the Skin, and ends with the Soul”

Show Notes:

After receiving her esthetician’s license, Carolyn immediately began working to perfect her craft. After 2 years she joined the prominent Spa Beautiful Skin by Carmen with Carmen Roberts. It was in this environment that Carolyn learned the extensive knowledge and precise understanding of acne and other extreme skin conditions that serve as the foundation for her unique methods that truly transform the skin.

Excited to widen her perspective, Carolyn then branched out to start her own business, Orchid Spa and Wellness, in College Park. Since its opening, the spa was awarded Best Med Spa and Best Facial in Orlando for consecutive years. 

Carolyn’s experiences and extensive training facilitated her understanding of active ingredients in both professional and retail products. It also led her to incorporate anti-aging and “above maintenance” procedures into her treatments and allowed her to fine-tune both her style of straightforward communication with clients and exceptional customer service.

Carolyn strongly believes in a problem-solving, uncomplicated yet effective approach to skin care. Her ability to treat a wide range of skin care conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation damage, sensitized and aging skin, or work with the individual who wants to enhance and maintain the look they have, makes Carolyn an asset to her clients. Her combination of modernized treatments along with a recommended home care regimen has kept them looking fabulous and coming back for years.

In 2018 Carolyn flew to California, trained, and was certified in Oncology Skincare, making her able to treat and heal patients who are undergoing treatments and post Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments.

Currently, Carolyn has placed her focus back into the main scope of her practice: bringing her clients new and exciting services, continuing her education on how to slow down the aging process and more!  She is now located in the beautiful city of Winter Park and offers free virtual consultations!

Affirmation: I breathe in compassion and breathe out kindness each time I lovingly care for my face and body. 

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