What I Wish I Would Have Known: Skincare Truths

By Carolyn Cyprian (Formally Carolyn Paten-Hall) | Expert Esthetician  & Founder of Skin Salvation. Book Today ⟶

From time to time, I like to think back to where I was ten or even twenty years ago. If only we could go back in time, right?

We all have things we wish we would’ve known. As you can imagine, I’ve come a long way–especially with my skincare.

Here are three things I wish I would’ve known about my skin when I was younger:

1. Picking acne causes severe scarring and pigmentation.

When you see that whitehead, you want to get rid of it, but the picking does more harm than good. And as you age, the scarring worsens.

2. No matter the skin type or complexion, everyone should wear sunscreen.

The sun’s damaging rays don’t discriminate. “Ultraviolet (UV) rays are color-blind, so they hit all skin with equal strength,” says Maritza Perez, M.D., a clinical professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City and a member of the Skin of Color Society board of directors.

“Darker skin contains more melanin [pigment that gives skin its color] than lighter skin, and that helps block the rays from penetrating and doing as much damage,” Perez says. “But even the darkest Black skin provides only about an SPF 13. If you get enough sun exposure, you’ll get skin damage, and possibly even skin cancer.”

Using sunscreen would prevent so many clients from having uneven skin tone and help slow the skin’s aging process. Also, note that all forms of hyperpigmentation can increase by exposure to UV rays.

3. Healthy skin starts with our diet.

Skin health experts agree that what you eat shows up on your face, and in the case of dairy, it’s rarely good. Most of my current clients who suffer from cystic acne are dairy eaters.

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